27 things I’ve learned in 27 years

1. Pay a little more attention to the speed limit towards the end of every month.

2. Learn how to cook rice, by whatever means necessary.

3. Making an effort to see small details in a moment or a day can help you feel more present. 

4. Nobody is paying as much attention to you at the gym as you think. If they are – fuck em.

5. Forcefully make time to do things that you love to do, or a chunk of time will fly by, and you will feel like you’ve done nothing besides be busy.

6. Unless you have a down payment, you’ll most likely be paying on your car loan longer than its life span.

7. Deciding what to make for dinner every single night of your life is way harder than actually making it.

8. Fast dopamine hits feel better in the moment, but the healthier extended-release ones, will build more sustainable long-term happiness.

9. Wear sunscreen, no matter how annoying it was to hear your entire childhood.

10. Starting over is scary, but staying where you don’t belong is even scarier.

11. Aging is hot, and I’ll die on that hill.

12. Intuition is usually calm and nudging, not mean and forceful.

13. A lot of chapstick brands dry out your lips intentionally so you’ll use/buy more.

14. Having constant noise in your ears is not good for the psyche, it is important (although scary sometimes) to have even a little bit of quiet in a day besides when you’re sleeping.

15. If you are mean to service workers that can't be mean to you back, there's the door.

16. Statistics say for whatever reason 20% of the people you come across in your lifetime will not like you. Instead of trying to be a chameleon and make it 100%, find comfort in that fact and move organically.

17. Anything can be addicting.

18. Live enough life, around enough people, with different experiences; so you can create a formula for the life you desire.

19. Don’t get the credit card.

20. A lesson isn’t truly learned until the cycle of repetition is broken.

21. Working on releasing control will save you time, money and heartache. Forced things never work out in the end anyways.

22. Memorize your social security number and whatever you do, do not keep the card in your wallet.

23. A lack of self-awareness is dangerous. Getting intimately acquainted with your weaknesses allows you to win the battle against them, every time.

24. If you want to vent to someone or tell them big news, ask them if they have the mental capacity to hear it.

25. Don’t overshare with your co-workers.

26. You didn’t come this far, to only get this far. 

27. The populations of people (children, elderly & the disabled) that usually get talked down to, due to the lack of understanding in their competency... talk to them how you would normally talk to anyone. Have full faith in their competency and adjust from there once interacting with them on if you have to change things like verbiage, speed or volume. NEVER change tone though from how you speak normally, it never helps, and it usually makes them feel bad. They probably understand more than given credit for.


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