Darling... it is a risk to love. Especially after so many shatters to our hearts.

What a chance to take after gluing each splinter back together on our own.

It only makes sense to be suspicious, cautious, wary. I would be even more suspicious if we weren’t to be honest though.

I swear I couldn’t fall much harder but then a new day happens.

The way your face scrunches when you say something ornery that you’re proud of.

The freckles that sprinkle your lips.

The way your chest seems to indent perfectly in the shape of my head to rest.

The flicks of hazel throughout your brown eyes.

The way you dance when you take your first bite of food.

Or the way you look away, when you get shy.

I try and remember every line of your face for the moments that I miss you. They seem to be every moment that you’re not by my side.

You said I broke down your walls... the first one to ever do so – but all I wanted to do, was build up new ones with grand windows that you’re able to gaze at the stars through.

You’re the breathing easy type of love. The stomach empty of butterflies, but full of sureness. The mind full of hope, but no guessing.

I forever wish to be kissed on the head by you in between the shuffles of our sleep... to be the space where you lie your armor safe to keep.

Darling, if risk is all it takes – you will be the one that I bet on in every life and every time.


All of my love,


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3 months ago

Not clear on the entity to which you ar speaking.