Welcome to all who stumble upon this blog. I am very excited to finally put all of my writings in one place. This blog is meant to serve many purposes; I would like to share what my intentions are so it can help you decide if it is a space where you want to be in or not. My goal for this blog is to document my adventures. It is to share my writings that I am passionate about, as I feel I am a gifted scribe that was blessed with the gift of written text. It is to share my ever changing philosophy and theory about this life that we are living. It is to share the lessons I’ve learned. It is to hopefully serve as an archive where my future children and grandchildren might come and see what grandma was up to in her 20s. It is to share how I try my best to Alchemize My Human Experience.

I have multiple hopes for my blog, but one of the biggest is that it’s an open and free space for anyone to come, free of judgement and hatred. Just an open space to learn from each other and to build community. When I mentioned ever changing philosophy and theory above I just want to be clear that this is how I have interpreted the world through my eyes thus far, interpretation is subjective and relative. So, I will never claim to know what it’s like to face the realities that others face. My goal is to share my lens in hopes that it could possibly appeal to someone and help them along on their journey of life. I strive for my knowledge of life to always be moldable and open to change, open to things that I may not understand. Because let’s face it – absolutely no one on this planet understands everything that there is to understand, and I think that is for a purpose.  This blog is just to share ideas on what life is about, to exchange knowledge, ideas and perspective. As well as a safe place for me to share my life, so if you have come this far and want to stick around, I welcome you with open arms.

I am Nicole Danae Goff, and this me Alchemizing My Human Experience.