Perpetual Night

Tampering with time.

Clock hands have the most modest gait.

I’m in no rush.

Whispers thwart my sleep.

I want to kiss their lips.

They always provide the sweetest touch.

Anything past sunrise, I don’t want to see.

None of it interests me.

The night mirrors what is on the inside.

Finally, a physical representation of what goes on in the mind.

I feel warm and welcome here.

I wish I could stay forever, in the dark perpetually.

Things are so much prettier under moonlight to me,

Like wearing glasses with magical lenses.

Stars sprinkle throughout the sky, like the freckles on her ethereal face.

I simply don’t relate to the fear of perpetual darkness,

As I only see the potential behind the possibility.

The sweet relief, the undeniable peace, the eternal comfort.

Maybe I am wrong, or maybe…

I simply belong.


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6 months ago

HUH??? Must explain to my aging brain.