It was late October when I met you.

Winter was lurking around the corner like an eavesdropping sibling. You had a handsome face and my favorite color of eyes.
I could tell you’ve lived a full life, or many lives…

I remember you telling me that night

“You’re kinda weird” with your head titled and a smirk on your face

“Takes weird to know weird” I said with the corners of my mouth lifting unwillingly

I could tell that you’re the type of mind that I find beautiful. The kind that might overthink a little bit too much every night at 3 am but also the kind that can listen to all 36 hours of Lonesome Dove on audible and enjoy it.


You may not know it, but

You changed my life that night.

Not in the dramatic, I’m in love with you, all of you, forever, Notebook type of way.
But in the way that you opened my eyes to what was possible: the idea of being in love again one day.

Even if it isn’t you and I,

You watered a plot in my mind that was dead and withered away.

Watered it with curiosity and hopefulness.

Shined sun rays of reality onto it.

Replaced old, brittle hopeless soil

with new, rich optimistic laced fertilizer.


Thank you for opening up my eyes, thank you for the many laughs, thank you for coffee talk mornings, and thank you for being my dear and true friend. Wherever you go remember that you deserve kindness and acceptance. I will always be in your corner, Cowboy.

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