This is one of those philosophical posts. I have thought about this idea for some time now and I love talking about it because it seems to resonate with the majority of people that I share the theory with.

One of my favorite questions of all time to ask someone is:

What is your favorite physical and non-physical compliment that you have ever received from someone?

It usually takes people some time to think about, as it can require a bit of reflection under the surface.

It can even feel uncomfortable for some people, because I think we have been conditioned to not be so nice to ourselves, or taught to not be conceited, etc. So talking about oneself to this extent can be uncomfortable at first.


But to me this question is much deeper than one might initially think.

Answers to this question can reveal so much about the person themselves.

It shows what they take pride in, what they take importance in, and what they love about themselves.

It helps bring people back into themselves and realize why they aren’t so bad, it makes them feel warm and giddy thinking about and it gives you an idea of who they are as a person on a deeper level.


Asking someone close to you can give you an idea of where you can lend the most support and interest in their life. When people can talk about their passions with you and you reciprocate with continual and genuine interest, it makes them feel as special as they are to you.


I think every answer that I’ve ever gotten is impeccably beautiful when analyzing it.


These are some of my favorites answers that I have ever gotten:


  • "My fashion, I love when people notice how much effort I put into my style."
  • "Being a good Mom."
  • "That I am very strong and independent."
  • "That people feel safe around me."
  • "My smile.
  • "You're delightfully weird."
  • "I feel like I am at home when around you."

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