I get pretty hype when discussing this topic because of how much signs have impacted my life personally. I am a big believer in signs that The Universe sends to us to help us along our journey. I am always quick to peer into theology of signs, omens, symbols, numerology; anything of that nature really because I find it all to be very interesting.

I believe that if you are asking for a sign in a certain situation – that right there (your desire for a sign) is your first sign. Your intuition/gut is the best sign that you are blessed with in this life. It is a sign that we are inherently gifted with. A very powerful one, and women in particular have been gifted deeply. Being able to hone in on your intuition and learning how to recognize it, is one of the greatest tools that you can have in your tool box for life (learning how to differentiate it from anxiety and outside noise). Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to anyone but you, but it doesn’t have to. It is something that isn’t necessarily backed by science or evidence but it has saved lives time and time again. There is a saying “if you ignore your intuition when it’s at a whisper - it will become a scream.” Take your intuition as your sign, and act on it. I think a lot of the time, us humans tend to doubt ourselves especially if we don’t have anything concrete outside of ourselves confirming what we already know. Learning how to push through that and honor your intuition will help you on your journey significantly.

Your intuition being a very powerful sign is a special thing that was gifted to us. But what about signs that are outside of ourselves?

In the About Me of this blog you might remember me saying that I love Rainbows and Robins. These are two external things outside of my intuition that have been such important signs for me along my journey.

I beam when I see either one now because they have helped me immensely along the way.

To start, Red Robin’s started to pop up during a dark period on my journey. I was really struggling to make the decision whether to leave Montana or not. To leave a situation that I was clinging onto. The amount of synchronization that would happen with seeing Robins got to the point of being ridiculous I felt like.

When I first was becoming conscious to the idea of them being signs I didn’t take them as such but it just grew into something I couldn’t ignore. My first Robin was this Robin that came to visit me in my yard every day when I would pull up in the driveway from work. She would be hunting for worms and I would say what’s up and it started to become this routine we held. You know the first ten times I thought it was cute and then I started to think that it was becoming a bit of a pattern. During this time I was not doing well mentally, I was unraveling and devolving by the day.

When you are in a place where you don’t want to do something but you know you have to, it is one of the toughest places to be in. My intuition was my first sign and I tried really hard to ignore it, reason with it, and make deals with it. The Universe was not having this and I think they knew I needed something outside of myself to tell me what the right choice was, to help me make sense of it all and to help me be solid in the choice I was about to make. My Robin would visit me every day when I got home and it was something that I started looking forward to. Then it seemed as though whenever I would talk, think, or pray about the predicament I was in, a Robin would cross my path. Everywhere I went I saw Robins. Not only around town, but in very peculiar places; seeing the word Robin, seeing Robins printed on signs at the park, helping a lady on the phone named Robin, etc. I started to pick up on these synchronicities of seeing Robins every time I was in a dark place and I dove into research. Robins were my first sign that I have ever picked up on so this was my first time diving into animal omen/symbolism and signs in general. What I found was so inspirational to me during this period of my life. This is some of what I found:

“The red robin is said to have appeared when those needed it most. Hope is an incredibly important thing to have, as it can help to keep you pushing through a tough time with a look to the future. The Red Robin is considered in many cultures to be a symbol of renewal. This is considered mainly when coming across a Red Robin in your day-to-day life. The Red Robin is there to show you that new things are coming and that you should be excited for this new period in your life. The Red Robin is a sign to accept new beginnings. The Robin symbolizes a new start in whatever way is applicable to you in your current stage of life. It is okay to feel upset that a certain time in your life may have come to an end, but you cannot live in the past and dwell on any mistakes or regrets. Accept these new beginnings and allow yourself to be happy and grateful. Instead of holding on to any past relationships or feelings, allow yourself to process the emotions associated, and enter the new space of your life with a clear head and perspective. The Red Robin is commonly considered a symbol that good things are coming your way. Perhaps you have had a difficult few months, the Red Robin appearing to you is a sign that the struggle is over, and the best is yet to come. This mystical creature encourages you to have faith in your own abilities and to not be afraid of the unknown. Make the most of the opportunity to start anew and don’t be afraid to do so. Robins urge us to trust our intuition. The Robin encourages us to let go of the negative affecting our lives and embrace a new and happier phase. Ultimately, robins encourage us to move forward with determination and grace. Robins represent renewal and new beginnings which can mean a transformation of life is about to happen. And thirdly having a robin bird visit and connecting to this bird is a very spiritual experience which gives us renewed hope”

Reading this, I thought it was funny how the universe will tell you exactly what you need to hear if you’re willing to listen and look further into it. This was exactly what I needed to hear at the time, but I didn’t have anyone there to tell me face to face. No one could have. Only the divine would be able to do such things.

With this new found knowledge I started to thank them whenever I saw them and it would never seize to amaze me just how crazy the timing of when they would pop up.

One day I was walking into my front gate to get into my house when I noticed a nest in the tree that was in my yard. I went to go check out the beauty. The tree had blossoms on it and the nest looked so beautiful, I couldn’t help but gawk at it for a couple minutes. I took a couple pictures because of how pretty it looked in the blooming tree and then put my phone away to appreciate it a little longer, that's when the Robin that came to visit me everyday flew on the branch quite close to me with more stuff in her mouth for her nest. I was shocked. One that she would be comfortable enough to get that close to me, also that it was the same Robin that came to visit me everyday. Did I know this for a fact? No, but I just knew. I said to her “oh shit, this is yours?” And just told her how pretty it was and made on my way inside because I didn’t want her to be scared of her nesting place or anything. I was shook to my core. I didn’t think that nest would have been a Robins?! On top of that, it is right outside my front door, in my yard where I pass by every day. And it was the Robins that comes and visits me everyday?! I found it pretty comical at this point. But I just kept receiving these things and processing them to the best of my tiny human brain abilities.

The days that followed I was eager to see if the mama Robin would lay an egg or not. So every day that I got home, if I didn’t see her in the tree or nest I went and checked. I checked religiously as long as she wasn’t there. Low and behold seven days later on June 5th, I come across the most beautiful egg the color of light turquoise. I would think at some point nature doesn’t catch me awestruck but it happens every time. I admired the egg for a while, took photos and just soaked up this reality. That a mama Robin chose my tree in my front yard as the safest place to make her home, for her and her new life that she was bringing into the world. What a gift and honor. The next few days I would see her in the nest and her little head would be poking out and I’d say hi and send my love as I walked past. Not trying to disturb her incubation time.

I was getting hype about seeing a baby alien Robin in the nest soon. A brand new life of an animal that symbolizes a new start for me, right in front of my face to be able to bare witness to. Seeing the life progress in each stage. From the mama Robin getting fat hunting for worms every evening when I came home from work, to the building of the nest, to the incubation time, to birth, and departure. I was almost embarrassingly jazzed to get home to see the progress everyday.

One day I didn’t see mama Robin in the nest at all. Which was weird, since I would see her at least once throughout my day. I didn’t see her at all and I got worried but chalked it up to the possibility of her just being there when I wasn’t checking. But then the next day came around and same thing, no mama Robin all day. By then I was worried and was checking frequently. But I unfortunately had this punch in the gut of realization. I am no bird expert to say the least but I thought of my knowledge that I did have. I didn’t think it was good that she was gone from her baby so long, that it definitely wasn’t natural and normal. A total of 5 days passed and no mama Robin. My buddy had gone missing. I’m sure by any natural cause that birds die from was the case, but I was broken up about it. I remember being sad not only for my buddy mama Robin but my new buddy baby Robin. I was going to miss her. But that sadness soon turned into worry, and then acceptance. If this mom Robin wasn’t going to be there to keep this egg warm it wasn’t going to turn into anything at all. I had to make a decision on how to act because I didn’t want a predator to see this fluorescent blue egg in her nest and snatch it. I could incubate it? But that would take an incubator and the knowledge and time to raise a baby Robin before setting it free. I didn’t have an incubator or that kind of knowledge or time. After my time of dealing with the emotions to what some might call a delusion. I made the decision to take the egg and keep it as one of my spiritual momentos. I made this decision because I figured if anyone should have this egg, it was me. It meant something more to me than it could mean to anyone else besides mama Robin. And we were homies anyways, I figured she would want me to have it. And maybe that’s why she laid in my yard? I made this decision with the intention to give this egg as much respect as it deserves. That if it couldn’t form into an actual life because of circumstance, I would honor it and treat it as an irreplaceable possession. This was a hard moment taking the egg out of the nest but I did it with the most gratitude and love that I had inside me. I wanted to store it in a way that honored it and kept it safe. I took a little part of the nest because I wanted it to be warm and have a piece of its mom and first home forever. I then put the egg and the small portion of the nest in a small, clear, globe. And I still have it to this day along with my other spiritual mementos. I never saw mama Robin again, but I continued to see Robins up until the very moment I left Montana. These Robins themselves weren’t the sole reason for me leaving Montana, but they did help me lean into making the decision that I needed to make. They helped me when it was too dark to see what was the best path.

What a kick huh? With all of my stories on Robins you can imagine how special they are to me now and how much I love seeing them when I do. I always tell them thanks for being here when I do. Robins are my shitttttt!

Moving down to Durango and not seeing a lot Robins for a while definitely made me sad because I felt like a little piece of the puzzle was missing not getting any signs anymore. For months I was very conflicted on my situation in general and not seeing any Robins didn’t help this. Once I got here it wasn’t like everything just got miraculously better the first day I rolled into town. In fact, it got worse (for a long time) before it got better. I felt like I needed signs more than ever because I wanted to move backwards so badly. All the doubts set in as to if I made the right decision, and the pain that I was in was insurmountable, so much so that it made everything foggy. I couldn’t see the sun above me, the ground underneath my feet, or the people around me. I was so blinded by the pain, it makes sense that I was craving more signs. This was when I would start seeing new beacons of hope, rainbows.

Anyone that was in Durango Summer and Fall of 2022 could tell you that it was an exceedingly wet year. We had so much precipitation it was amazing. So much rainfall and in turn rainbows. Rainbows slowly started being my Robins for a short period of time. Every time I was in the depths I would see a rainbow. There was even one time that I was audio journaling and balling my eyes out while driving. It was one of those moments of feeling like I was crawling out of my own skin. When I turned around a bend and looked to my left and saw a Rainbow. I stopped my journaling to take a picture so I could document.

Rainbows are often signs of hope, the beauty after the storm. Rainbows have been adopted as a symbol of hope during difficult times, as they often appear when the sun comes out after a heavy rainfall, only serving to remind us that there is always hope and light even after difficult times.

I was again in awe of the ability for these signs to pop up exactly when I needed them.

The way I see it; if you interpret something as a sign then it is. Let’s say all of these Rainbows and Robins were pure coincidence (which is a possibility I cannot ignore). That they were not signs sent from the universe, and they just happened to be there during difficult moments in my life. On the logical side of the spectrum there is a great possibility that they aren’t signs sent from the universe. But the way I see it, because I take them as signs, they are. Even if that wasn’t their purpose. See, I don’t look around and point at everything and deem them as signs. But I believe that certain things like my Robins or Rainbows are there during those points of struggle for a reason. Divinely guided or not. That signs could be all about interpretation, whether they were actually sent by someone or not. That’s why I love this topic because signs don’t always have to be these things that are concretely sent to us. They are things we notice and take importance in. And I believe they can guide us where we are supposed to go. I believe they were sent to me. But not everyone sees the world like that, and that's ok. Regardless, my Robins and Rainbows mean so much to me and they just have genuinely helped me so much. I’ll be forever thankful for them, and I look forward to future Signs.

Here is my gallery of my Robins and Rainbows, aren’t they beautiful???!

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