Chasity - Cookie - Zoody

Chasity is my best friend/roomate throughout my blog you'll hear me refer to her as Chasity, Cookie or Zoody. 

I had to make a whole post about Chasity because she is one of the most beautiful souls that I have ever met in my life, and I have been gifted her as my best friend (since the 6th grade). Whoever did that was really looking out for me, because throughout the different stages of life and in turn friendship – she has shown me nothing but support, grace and her warm heart. I say this to anyone as many times as they will listen to me say it; that this woman has shown up for me in ways that no one else ever has. I’m not even embarrassed when I say that I will spend the rest of my days that I have on this earth trying to give that woman the friendship she needs from me. Because she deserves it, and she deserves the world.

Chasity is one of those people that can make any awkward situation, not awkward anymore. If I am ever expected to be going into an uncomfortable situation – I would want Cookie there because she has this gift to bring people together. People miss her when she isn’t around. Miss her light. She is one of the strongest women I know, and she inspires me to find my strength when I feel weak. Her hard work and motivation is noticeable by damn near anyone who will pay attention. Cookie also is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met, she makes me drop to the floor laughing multiple times a week. And she honestly just says what other people don’t have the guts to say, ruthless that one. She is encouraging, understanding, loyal and fearless. She has burps that could put a grown man to shame. She is the best dog mom to two babies, Ruger and Lilo (I have grown to love being their aunty dearly). She likes to re-organize cabinets and drawers every 3-4 months. She sometimes gets overstimulated and anxious but she handles it really well. She rarely sleeps in, very much a morning person. She has a little bit of a sweet tooth and does really good makeup. Some of her favorites are; tequila, steak, Dancing with the Stars, her family, Taylor Swift, her friends, country music, pasta, travel, fishing, whiskey, adventures, Cold Stone Ice Cream, and collecting bathing suits.

Zoody challenges me and makes sure to remind me of where I need to be. But she just knows how to do it in the way I will receive it best is all. I found this saying a while ago that resonated with me so heavily. The saying goes “I hope you find someone who speaks your language so you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating your soul”. And Cookie just understands my soul, we kind of understand each other’s, and it has kind of always been that way. Having someone in your life that accepts your whole being without judgement or ridicule while simultaneously challenging you to be the best version of you. Someone that doesn’t want to change or control you, that accepts and loves you for who you are truly… but holds a standard for you to become your highest self. Because they are aware of the potential you have – is a gift like no other.

Our friendship has evolved through the years of knowing each other, but essentially we have always been inseparable in one way or another. Anyone that witnesses us together always comments on our banter and interactions. A lot of us know a person like that in our life, the person you get together with and you just feed off each other and it’s like the best SNL episode of all time. We know how to be the best friend the other needs and we actually prefer living with each other now. We are the constant in each other’s life that we know we can count on every single day. We always talk about the day that will inevitably come where we will have to part ways, and it has only been able to be a sick joke. It is never a dull moment with her, and we always joke that it is pretty much like a constant sleepover living together. That the middle school versions of us would just be enamored by the fact that we are essentially living out our dream of being two single adults living out our best lives together.

The only time we weren’t inseparable was when we tried to not be as attached to each other because living in different areas of the country was just too damn hard. Once we realized how silly that was we were back, but that’s what’s beautiful about adult friendship’s. The adaptability of them. Sometimes you don’t get to live with your best friend, sometimes you go a long period of time without speaking with them, or seeing their face. But if you both have that love for each other even from afar they can feel it. The support is apparent and absolute. That is what most adult friendships consist of, because we all get going with our adult lives. But if there is mutual effort, support, and love – you can have a friend forever. I am lucky to have found that in Chasity. And I will spend the rest of my days trying to repay her for it like I said. So, If I had to finish this post off with anything, if you are able to. Get yourself a Zoody. You won’t ever regret it.

Take a moment to admire that my best friend is the most beautiful woman on the earth and to admire how cute her angel babies are:

Happy days all.

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