Durango has stole my heart in a number of ways. I often catch myself saying that I am not sure if this will be my forever home, but that it will forever have a piece of my heart because of how amazing it is. I say this for a number of reasons, one is that when I rolled into town I instantly felt that this was a high vibrational place. In lower vibrational places you can feel the thickness in the air, and with higher vibrational places everything just feels lighter. My soul felt it and my spirits started to lift almost imediately. I love Durango because it is a small but lively town. Essentially, my dream place to live. Not a huge city, but a very bright and active town. The population stands at about 19,000 people and is at an elevation of 6,522’. The La Plata’s and other beautiful mountains glance over Durango and give you the most beautiful views from any point in the town. Durango has plenty of awesome places to eat and an abundance of activities to take part in.

Overall though, the thing that I have enjoyed most about Durango is the people. It seems to be this melting pot of people that are from many different walks of life, here for many different reasons. It is a college town, a home to many born natives that have stayed throughout their life, as well as a tourist destination. Durango is amazing in terms of things always going on within the town itself. There is almost always some sort of festival, event, annual tradition, or activity going on. They have a vast selection of community service opportunities to get into and a downtown that is always poppin.

The people here have warmed my heart to the greatest lengths, and I have made friends that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life. Not only have I formed these deep and intimate relationships with some amazing people, but even just the average passerby I have grown to love. I have grown this love for the overall population of Durango, not limited to the people who I consider to be close friends. They are some of the kindest and most laid back people I have ever met. A small example, is how I like to dress. I enjoy dressing up, feeling pretty and looking nice. I like to wear big fuzzy things, baby blue jumpsuits, pink go-go boots, classy office attire, etc. I have found this is the way I feel the best walking around, dressing nicely and in the style that I have found suits my personality best. I’ve been to some places in the country where just simply put, I am not really comfortable doing that. But Durango I feel like I am able to be myself 100% of the time. Fun fact about Durango, it was actually named the “Worst Dressed Town in America” a few years back, and that’s what I absolutely love about it. People don’t care what others wear here, they will only say good things. They will never give a dirty look or snide comment, no matter if you’re dressed nicely or in a slum bum outfit, all seem to be welcome here in Durango. That is my kind of place. A place that accepts people in what they feel best and most confident and comfortable in. I love it here for that reason.

It really is so hard making good friends as an adult. Durango has shown me that it is not only possible, but that you can make many. It has literally punched me in the gut with gratitude at times to the point of tears. Tears come into my eyes and I have these moments of “Oh, this is what life is about” and “These moments right here are what make it all worth it, make it all have purpose.” And a lot of those times are because of the people that I have stumbled across since leaving my old life behind. I get to be present in those moments and realize exactly what is happening within them, and that is so special. Durango and it's people have impacted my life more than they all might even know. While being in that dramatic pit of believing you’ll never fall in love again, some of these people have opened my eyes to that being possible one day. Some of them have invited me into their homes to be a part of their most intimate moments of their life. Some have taken me to once in a lifetime shows. Some have opened up a work environment that I love to come to everyday. Some have invited me to sit back stage while they play some Jimmy Hendricks level guitar in a concert of theirs. Some have trusted me with their lowest moments of their life thus far. Some have shown up for me when I was in trouble and needed help. Some have taken me on unforgettable adventures. Some have become my best friend. And some have shown me what unconditional love in friendship looks like.

These people have made a forever imprint on my life, and I cannot thank them enough. If you are in need of good people in your life, come to Durango and meet some Durangatangs, you won't be sorry.

All of my love,


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You're amazing my friend!!!!

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brb crying😭